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A sex move involving an ironing board, a man, and a woman.

To perform, the woman must lay flat on her back on top of the ironing board with her arms to her side, as if to resemble a surf board. The man then lays on top of her, stomach to stomach, and fucks her. While this is going on, the man must make a paddling motion with his arms, as if he were paddling out into the ocean.

Just before the man "hits the big wave", he must jump up and stand on top of the woman, as if riding a surf board, and yell "cowabunga!", getting his "Sex Wax" all over her.

Note: If an ironing board cannot be found, or if the ironing board is not stable enough to hold two people, then a flat piece of wood between two chairs, or any kind of elevated, flat surface can be used as a substitution. For full authenticity, this move can be performed on top of a surf board, which in turn is elevated over a surface of water.
Surfer 1: "So Jenny and I performed a Malibu Wave Rider last night."
Surfer 2: "How was it, brah?"
Surfer 1: "It was totally radical, but she got a gnarly infection in her eye from my Sex Wax."
Surfer 2: "Bummer, dude."
by The Shwastitute October 26, 2011
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