Making memories refers directly to the brand Coca-Cola. With Coca-Cola whenever you drink it no matter what you are doing you are always making a memory cause that's what coke does. Theyve been doing it forever and is even their advertising slogan. More recently and more specifically though Bros have begun to use Coke. They like Coke cause they can mix it into their drinks to lessen the sting of their booze. Coke can even disguise things such as roofies or other date rape drugs when Bros are trying to get with sweet slam pieces. Making memories is a commonly shouted drunk Bro phrase at parties all around the country used in house parties, frat parties, booze cruises, pants parties, orgy fests, and keg killers.
I'm making a fucking memory!

Luckily I made a memory with Coke last night cause now I'll remember fucking Ashley forever!

James Van Der Beek makes memories with Coke.

Making memories saved me in Nam!!
by juicy&paulgotwyte January 05, 2010
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