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MAKEBATE Noun \ˈmāk-ˌbāt\

Definition of MAKEBATE:

1) Slang/Popular/Colloquial Definition - An extremely attractive person whom makes one want to masturbate.

2) Literary Definition - A person that excites contention and quarrels.
Examples of Makebate:

Definition 1:
(Person A) Oh my god bro, do you see that blonde?
(Person B) Yeah man, she's a real makebate all right.
(Person A) Yeah, I think I'm gonna go to the bathroom... I'll be right back.

Definition 2:
(Person A) My co-worker Bill is a real makebate! Everyone at my office is always arguing with him.
(Person B) Oh yeah, how come?
(Person A) Well, he is very irritating. He's always spouting contentious opinions on hot-button topics like abortion. He also swipes peoples lunches from the break-room fridge pretty often.
(Person B) Wow, he sounds like a real jerk.
(Person A) Yeah, he really is. I wish he would get fired or quit.
by L0rd_CMSH September 29, 2013
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