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a majury is one in a million. most commonly found amongst friends and family with a smile on his face. brightens everyones life with his kindness. loves meeting new people as he can get on with everyone. cared for greatly. he's good with his hands, a bit of a handy man doin jobs for anyone who asks. he is someone who will do what he can to make life easier for loved ones.

then there's another kind of majury who mostly comes out at the weekend. party animal extrodinare. not someone to share secrets with. usually under the influence of some kind of substance. always the life and soul of the party and center of attention. wherever a majury is there' sure to be lots of fun and laughter
mona - what an amazing weekend!! ur so getting on like a majury. i love it!!!

marvin - yea i know its so funny? im having a fantastic time.

mona - just promise me you'll stay away from the smirnoff cause you know what happened last time.
by princess martina December 06, 2010
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