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An auto-erotic asphyxiation by using gravity masturbation technique that consists of 3 parts:

- 1 - Getting in the shuttle -
Begin by jacking off normally; but before you nut, you squat down as low as you can to the ground and breathe short shallow breaths while still jacking off.

- 2 - Take off -
As you nut, you jump up from that squatting position as fast as you possibly can and hold your breath.

- 3 - Being in space -
If performed correctly, you should become VERY lightheaded and experience pure bliss due to the orgasm from your cock rocket.

This is a technique that should be performed only by professionals, in a controlled environment.
Alex: Have you heard Tom came out with a new technique?
Gim: Oh no, what is it?
Alex: It's called Major Tom technique he passed out after the nut and was found unconscious covered by his space juices.
by Swaggington_yolo July 01, 2019
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