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Major Dutch was a legendary Soldier who participated in many online shooters.

Mainly, the Socom series, a long time friend and ally of the RIP/W$Y clans he dissapeared after the fallout from Socom Combined Assault.

He recieved his callsign from his original clan RIP for his favorite movie Predator, where Arnold Schwarzenegger played the main character.

His name would sometimes gather laughs, when some people's inabilities to read, lead them to think the name meant something else.

He is rumored to last be seen on Metal Gear Online, but nobody knows if that is the original Major Dutch, his name has been duplicated many times over the course of the last few years. Rumor has it, his last known PSN Id was seen looking at the Qore Edition that holds the Beta Testing invite, to Socom Confrontation.
Major Dutch, or Dutch

-Legendary Socom Veteran, Crafty Sniper-


A device used to clean the female body part, also not a disposal of fecal matter.

by Lord Master July 10, 2008
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