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Bullshit ass ripoff of the true art form of Hip Hop
Retard: OMG, I Love MTV and Mainstream Rap
Me: Go Die
by A-Z September 03, 2006
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Almost all mainstream rap sucks. It is easy to discover mainstream rap as all you have to do is turn on your T.V. or radio and you're bound to be fed that crap. More people should listen to Blackalicious, The Roots, Jurassic 5, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Common, Lyrics Born etc...
Mainstream fan: Yo... u hear that joint from 50 Cent and Akon man? That shit on MTV is hot!!!

Real Hop Fan: I don't even have the time to argue but mainstream rap is awful.

by Jeremy1856 September 16, 2007
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I won't lie to you. 99.9 percent of mainstream rap DOES suck. And coming from a rap fan, that's saying something. It's people like 50 Cent who are promoting stereotypes of rap-talkin' all that shit about hoes, money, drugs and takin' people to the candy shop. They're ruining a great music genre.
Mainstream rap sucks, but you can always listen to Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West or Mos Def.
by Urban Dicktionary!!!!!!!! September 14, 2006
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95% of it sucks donkey ass. Most mainstream rappers are mainstream and popularbecause they encourage the stereotypes that hip hop is all about bitches, money, guns, rims, and drugs. But 5% of mainstream rappers do not encourage those stereotypes and are just popular. Something that everybody at your high school is singing and youre like "shut the fuck up that song is garbage. Like I said 95% of these rappers that are mainstream dont rap theyre just talking over a retarded ass beat made by some producer who cant produce worth shit.

Most mainstream rap lyrics include:

"ay shawty lets get high up in dis club."

"Ayo nigga lets go fuck some bitches and get money."

"Check out my rimz still spinnin muffuckerr."

"when i hit da club dey all showin me luv."
Some Good Mainstream Rap Includes - T.I., Kanye West, All of D12, Jay-Z, Lil Jon (hell yes I said it), Snoop Dogg, Flobots.

Some Bad Mainstream Rap Includes - Every other mainstream rapper that I didnt list in the good category.
by Mainstream Rap is Garbage September 13, 2009
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