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A person from the state of Maine who usually lacks sophistication. Enjoys: hunting, fishing, four-wheeling, snowmobiling, trapping, and Nascar. Uses terms such as "wicked" and "ah-yuh". (Meaning yes or yeah) Hardly ever goes to college, and marries someone from their high school. Favorite things to wear include flannel, Carhart pants, and work boots. (Yes, even women.) Drink beer, preferably Bud. Owns a gun, bought with the excuse of hunting but really used for shooting the neighbor's stray animals. Has stuffed animals hanging from the living room wall. Cannot correctly pronounce the a and r sounds of English. They mix them up.
Maine Hick One: "Jimmy, you a goin' four-wheeling this Saturday?"

Maine Hick Two: "Ah-yuh, I'll bring the Bud."
by EGL2014 March 02, 2009
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