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A common category of swimming training groups, specifically at Michigan State University, or in any other club or school swim team.

The most respected group, secretly envied by all others (for example D-Group, "sprint" group).

The group that does work and still has fun!

Their frequent morning practice can make them want to kill themselves

NOT categorized by heavy binge eating and binge drinking, and as a result truly having remarkably chiseled bodies.
YET they still have very respectable alcohol capacities, beyond those of other groups.

They also have killer looks, are very quick witted, and are highly desirable.

They have nice Asses.
Sprinter: "I wish i was a part of main group, then i wouldn't have to listen to Kit kat Milloy bitch at me all practice."

Anyone: "Main group RULES!"

Non-Swimmer: "Main group, Now they are a good time. In and out of the water..."

"I wish i was in main group, they get to listen to Noderz curse every other word and say crazy shit everyday!"

"Look, Main group is doing something...and sprint group isnt..."

Anyone respectable: "All main group members are a fine piece if ace.... I know from experience"
by Noderz1 June 29, 2009
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The main group is a ranking system for friends.

The rankings are meaningless, and created to give the friends power over each other. These groups usually form when there are over four friends, and the main friends want to assert dominance.

Rankings usually go:

The Main Group
Extended Group
Extended extended group
Far out group

When someone in the outer groups does something a main groupie doesn't like, they will be pushed down a peg.
Jim: The main group idea is dumb, Bobby
Bob: Don't insult my idea, besides, what you say doesn't matter you're in the Extended group
Jim: I don't care where I am man, it's just a dumb idea
Bob: That's it, you're getting pushed into the extended extended group
by Smashed Marx October 03, 2017
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