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Maia is a smart, attractive girl that always catches Josh's attention just by walking into a room. Josh is also very smart but sort of introverted but wishes he could show Maia that they are meant to be together. But he is so shy that he doesn't know how to talk to her sometimes because he is afraid she will ignore him. Other people think they make for a cute couple but Maia thinks of Josh as sort of different. All the other guys she has dated have abused there power as her boyfriend treating her like they are better than her and she is just there to hold the title that position bestows on her, and josh wants to treat her like a princess and show her what it feels like to be in a real relationship. Josh matches the type of people Maia likes to date but for some reason there's something missing. Josh often feels like he is just standing there staring at Maia, reaching his hand out trying to get her to take his hand to show her a beautiful place through a magical door and she walks by without even noticing him, making a bee line straight for someone who is wearing a mask, ready at a moments notice to peel it off and dump her like garbage. Ask Jackson E.
Maia and Josh are a perfect couple.
Wow, Josh is so lucky to be dating someone as hot as Maia.
Maia must be proud to have a man as muscular and caring as Josh.
Maia and Josh are partners in their advanced science class.
Josh and Maia would make such a better couple than Lawton or Mikell.
by Finnanutt January 23, 2018
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