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The quickest thing to piss of a Jello Eating Bunny aka Latter Day Saint is make a really degrading joke about their temple undergarments or call The Book of Mormon alternate history fanfiction of the King James Version of the Bible. Also imply that Joseph Smith was a womanizing con man who married his women to keep his sex life in check. They really hate when one attributes their doctrine to rodents copulating (as this one is a favorite barb.) There's my critic of religion status confirmed.
"I don't believe that my boxer briefs are magical, as in you mean to tell me you never cut a greasy fart in those magic underwear and leave a skidmark." My retort when I caught the webmaster mocking my most personal project as an editor as the cover was the second time I saw fan-art -- the artist was my breakout from Issue 3 and came to Issue Five as he was the cover artist for the first time.

My enraged comment came when I learned a blogtroll decided to send the cover to the webmaster as he took aim at it; I had seen very strong covers over the years as a lot of my own projects came from my photography output. His response after seeing the barrage of Magic Underwear Jokes combined with double homicide whamlines, "Hey, I’ve got an idea! How about we DON’T refer to other people’s religious beliefs in the most degrading way possible, and instead behave like civilized beings, not total dickwads, okay? It’s called “civilization.” You may have heard of it." The response was on par to Deva's "yer taking to care bears' retort on twitter.
by illinoishorrorman January 19, 2018
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