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A Magic Shot is best taken when you are few beers in, just on the verge of a buzz. Shoot the tequila (without salt and lime) and chase immediately with a Jaeger bomb (Purists may argue that you must "drop" the Jeager instead of drinking it pre-mixed, but it really does not matter). After 10 minutes you will jump straight over being buzzed to being drunk.

This shot was created in 2004, in Atlanta, GA because a group of girly men wanted to be more manly and learn to shoot tequila without training wheels (salt and lime). After months (maybe years) of searching for the right way to do it, on one magical night, we found that a Jeager bomb chaser really cleared the palate.

This shot was originally called the "Suicide Shot" and became the "Magic Shot" because of a misunderstanding on a cross country drunk dial. We all liked the new name better.
A Magic Shot is a shot of tequila (without salt and lime) chased immediately by a Jaeger bomb.
by K_man May 29, 2009
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