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The worst place in the world. Optional concentration camp. The Irish Bermuda triangle. Maghaberry has been called many things but none of them positive. It is an arguable village outside Lisburn in Northern Ireland... to those who live there. To anyone else Maghaberry is in a black hole of the 3rd sector of deep space.

Maghaberry is a collection of 3 estates, a park, a shop and a shed infested by an array of toddlers and violent chavs. If you live in Maghaberry for 20 or more years you will be dead. Because you killed yourself.
Go to Maghaberry? No thank you ill just stay at home, watch TV, listen to music and ferment my limbs in sulphuric acid then feed them to maggots and leaches.

That sounds much more enjoyable! Can i join you?
by SmYli3 September 25, 2013
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