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The act of inserting a clear tube into two rectums and sending shit form one person to another. During the transference the two individuals should think of the poo as a ship and pretend that Ferdinand Magellan's (a 16th century explorer) spirit is in there. Therefore this act or move (or what every you want to categorize it as) reenacts Ferdinand Magellan discovering new worlds and moving from one world to the next. It also reenacts that cool tube thing at the bank.
Blake: I really enjoy your establishment; but I feel these T.U. Club girls just aren't living up to their full potential. Isn't there something these strippers could do that involves a clear tube of some sort?

Stripper: You mean like a Transfer?

Blake: Um...yeeeahhh i guess.

Stripper: Well I have this Idea but i need your butt to do it. I'll be sending some poo form my butt to yours.

Blake: like Magellan transferring to a new world... OMG! why haven't I thought of that before!
by Pagalicious June 30, 2010
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