Shortened and compiled word for "Maggot Dick Mother Fucker"
Its just a stupidly hilarious, vulgar and sick moniker given to Fuctards of any sort. Usually MagDeMoFo can be given to the sort of people who annoy or irritate you soo bad you want to drag thier face through Huge piles of random animal fecal matter.

A guy who wields a dick-like appendage equal to that in size of a Rat Terrier Dog Dick that can barely (If not rarely) be visually present or not at all seen or felt by by the woman hes fucking
Uses of MagDeMofo:

You can see its clear useage in "The ShawShank Redemption" movie as a prison guard's verbal insult to a newly inducted inmate.

Emotionally blurted by the irritated :


When a girl talks about her past experiences about an ex she had with a rediculously laughable small Duck Phallus for a dick:

"At leest yur not liek Da Maggot Dick Ma'Fucker I dateded a wylez bak...He wuz a Seeriuss MagDeMofo"
by Corrosive_Rage September 06, 2009
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