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A disorder that causes the tightening of the shoulder muscles (trapezius) making them appear to be more broad than normal.
Other symptoms include
~ Outbursts of range
~ Heavy drinking
~ Finishing sentences with “Ba,Bah,Bar and Baa” and less commonly “Please”
~ Urges to join the Mafia, or delusions that said person is in the Mafia.
Phill: "Rite tom?"
Tom: "Yeah Bah, me and the family just came back from a meal at the pick."
Phill: "Have a good time or wa?"
Tom: "Ai not bad bah, spot of trouble with a bloke from out of town, he's in the boot of my car now bah"
Phill: "is that why your shoulders look so tense? pulled something have you"
Tom: "...No"
Phill: "I seen this thing on the Tellie butt, its called Maffiarism.. you should look into it, or go visit your GP"

by Muzzy1 August 27, 2008
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