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Maekaila is a very hot chick. All the guys want her. Her hair is gorgeous short and long. She's cute down to every freckle. She's extremely sensitive and insecure, but we all look past that. She cares about everyone, including her phone. She's an over all popular girl, but she's popular for the way she treats others. Everyone loves Maekaila, and those who don't are just jealous. She wears make up, but she doesn't need to. She can be sarcastic, but we love her for it. She has no butt, but her personality makes up for it. She's skinny as crap, but not unhealthy looking. She's smart, but she has her stupid moments. She can be influenced easily, and she's wonderful at sports.
Brittany: Maekaila is my best friend, and I wouldn't change that for anything.

Crystal: She's amazing. We have so much in common.

Brett: I'd tap that.
by Brittany Wayne (crystals sis) September 12, 2014
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