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A girl that usually has blonde hair and blue eyes or brown hair with hazle eyes.
Sweet, caring, talented, beautiful inside and out, stunning, and eyes will draw you in like magnets. She normally dosent like being called pretty. Or popular, and dosent like attention more than anything. Best friend/wife/girlfriend you will ever have in your entire life. She is loyal and will treat you like your the only person in the world to her. A madysun loves to be with her boyfriend. And is not shy to be herself around them. She stands out more than anyone and tbh all madysuns are usually quite popular. Guys. If you have a madysun. You are lucky. Dont let her go. She is one in a million and likes long relationships. She will be your Best friend and love you no matter what. And also very sexy/ hot in makeup or not.
Boy: wow I love my girlfriend madysun she is so loyal
by Maddcatttt March 30, 2018
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gorgeous inside and out.
trustworthy, caring, respectful, loving, outgoing, and hyper.

eyes will draw you in like magnets, always standing out, you will be amazed with what she can do/did.
great friend/girlfriend/wife/sister/cousin.
oh my goodness madysun! your so nice and fun to be with!
by friendmaster October 11, 2011
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