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1.(noun) He only has room for a few. But not you.

2.(noun) Madison Man is easily spotted on any clear day in his natural habitat of Madison Wisconsin. He is identifiable by his overly aggressive and PC demeanor despite his complete and utter inability to defend himself against even the most harmless of foes.

Although very verbally threatening on the exterior. Madison Man is easily frightened off and deterred through even the slightest non PC statements.

3.(noun) The chomoish characters you see everywhere in Madison WI. Almost eerily all clad in khaki shorts, bright, colorful shirts, glasses, socks, Birkenstocks, and a bald spot. Often spotted in political circle jerks praising anything left winged.
1. Dude, Madison Man over there just made them turn off Hank Williams so the bartender could turn up that stupid Obama rally.

2. Madison Man: You better move that car or I'm calling the cops.

Dude: Yeah, thats why we're getting in it.

Madison Man: Hurry it up.

Guy: Shut up or I'll kick your dog.

Madison Man: *runs and hides*(possibly cries)

3. Man, there was Madison Man all over the bus today. They wouldn't shut up. I swear if anyone mentions NPR the rest of the day I'm blowing my brains out.
by The jerk with no name August 02, 2008
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