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A little known tribe in northeast Arizona. Their traditional custom is to dance around fire pits drinking Frappuccinos while wearing cougar skin suits. They frequently make up words to use during their celebrations. Often times these words are so ridiculous that member leave the tribe forever. They feel that it is their unalienable right to reject words out of principle!
That crazy Madernal tribesman stole my cougar skin thong!
by Crazyoldcoot February 23, 2010
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(adj.) With regards to four concepts: life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. A word thought to originate in certain esoteric philosophical circles to describe ‘madernal rights,’ a concept believed to be a mixture between the ideals portrayed by philosopher John Locke, and the ‘Unalienable Rights’ presented by the Declaration of Independence. The unique nature of the word often points out Jefferson’s substitution for one of Locke’s ideals in the Declaration of Independence. John Locke believed that no person ought to interfere with another person’s liberty, health, life, or possessions, whereas the Declaration of Independence guaranteed all persons created equal in ‘…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…’ The word is speculated to originate as a mixture between a bizarre pronunciation between the word natural (referring to John Locke’s affirmation that these are ‘natural rights’) as nah-too’-rahl, and the word internal (a sarcastic play on the inherent contradiction between John Locke’s earlier beliefs and writings regarding the individual and the self, describing them as a consequence of perception and consciousness alone). See An Essay Concerning human Understanding (1690, John Locke).
person 1: "The United States was founded on the belief that I have the right to freedom, and the pursuit of happiness."
person 2: "Yes, but people always overplay the inherent nature of madernal rights without questioning their validity."
by Cogito16 February 20, 2010
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