A small town in the middle of California. Not really known. It is very hot in summer and almost 32 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Beautiful Autumns and Springs. Split right down the middle. One half it's the good side and the other is Mexican territory. Lots of schools. Nice people and gangsters. Asians, white people, Hispanics, African Americans, Germans, Italians etc.
Man, it's hot
Dude, we are in Madera, CA. Get used to it.
by WhiteGirlxD November 11, 2010
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Madera Where Violence Is Always Happening ,Gang Banging Is Normal ,
People always getting shot.

Its is the heart of California most people don't understand how living out here in Madera is such a drug violence life the people that come from Madera are used to living like this its a normal thing for people that were brought up here in this small county. living in Madera is like living in the fast lane people learn to get used to it. everybody learns how to stay in their own lane and mind there own business .Maderas where you find the finest herbes and the realest people.
People refer to it as Madtown Or The Heart Of Cali .
-where you from ?
- Im From Mf Madera Ca Homeboyy

-You Need A sack?
-yeaa deliever A Dub of some cookies Foo
by thaaplugx114 January 9, 2016
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