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My BESTfriend. I love her, forever. If i'm not her bestfriend, she is still mine.. I try to treat her the best i ever could but i guess i'm not enough. She is beautiful, smart, energetic, clumsy, outgoing, gorgeous, hilarious, bubbly, open minded, caring, trustworthy, she is the best. I love her SO much and i don't want to loose her. I wanna be her bestfriend forever & a day. If that will happen? i'm not sure. I guess i havn't made the best dicisions, and i'm trying to fix them. But Maddy, i want you to know i love you. I couldn't ask for anything more, or better. You are the best bestfriend ANYONE could ask for, and maybe i have taken that for granted, but i do love you. When we hang out, i don't care what we do.. I just LOVE every second of my time with you, and we can both be pissy. But i love you, and i accept you for who you are and i am ALWAYS here...
Friend: "Maddy Usilton looks so pretty today."

Me: "Yeah, I know. But she looks GORGEOUS everyday. Even without makeup. I wish i could look/ be her."
by yourbestfriend.mdjb. November 04, 2011
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