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-General Description-
A peculiar creature standing about 5'1" on its hind legs. This creature can be found in the Southern Ethiopian rain forests. Bacon and Cheddar baked potato chips are the food of choice for this creature.

-Danger Information-
When confronted, the Madame Setter may do one of two things:
1. Attack
2. Attack while laughing

The Madame Setter is an overall gentle creature and fun-loving, but if provoked she will attack. Since the Madame Setter is a small creature, she will attack your knees.

If you are to see a Madame Setter do not approach it unless the following conditions are met:
1. Do not be over 5'10"
2. Do not be named Todd
3. Do not be dressed in military uniform
4. Do not be over-energetic

If you meet all of the above criteria the Madame Setter will not feel threatened and will thus allow you entrance into her lair.
That Madame Setter just bit me! Go get the anti-poison and the tranquilizer darts!
by Joshua Cantrell November 21, 2006
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