A beautiful girl who can easily put you in your best mood. She can be shy and not speak at first but is the wildest and best person to be around. She is someone you can always count on to make you laugh. She is loyal to the people she cares about and will always have your back. When you need someone to go to, she’s always reaching out with love and good advice. She’s the girl you can trust anything and everything with. Everyone wants to be her friend. She is admired and is someone you look forward to seeing each day, guys absolutely adore her. You never want to leave her she has the greatest personality, she will make you laugh until you cry and pee your pants. Each time spent with her are complete unforgettable memories.
This girl is down and she’s hilarious! must be a Madalaine

Please marry me, Madalaine
by Cinnamonapple6 January 28, 2020
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