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Macterbation (mack-tur-bait-shun) or Macterbating (verb) Is the act of obsessing yourself in apple products to the point you damn near bust a nut. So deep in MacBook Pros, iPads, iPhones, that it's become a major part of your life tinkering with apple products. Literally to the point of suspected viagra abuse because your friends are concerned over the fact that you spend hours on end in front of a laptop, tv, tablet or cellphone with a mega huge raging boner. This is a serious condition and there will probably be some sort of walk for it one of these days... Be ready.
You walk in to see your bro shacked up in bed; laptop on chest surfing Steve Jobs memorial websites, apple tv "airplaying" off the iPhone in the background, crushing the book on a tablet no more than a fingers "poke" away and blaring iTunes (probably the beetles or bob dylan) in the pitch black dark of your parents basement totin' a black turtle neck tee and maybe sipping a pinot grigio. Straight up Macterbation sesh
by Brozay Cuervo February 11, 2012
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