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A mac user who's always frothing at the mouth waiting to tell you how great their mac is, and they always have some gay way of talking about windows e.g. windoze, microshaft, Windoez ExPee Micro$oft. And the twats can't differentiate between PC manufacturers and O/S manufacturers - constantly harping on about 'Windows computers'. Well, I've got news for you bitches, I've NEVER bought a Pc built by Microsoft, and all my Pc's run more O/S's than just Windows you sad sack cuntos. And guess what? Those O/S's are free. and the software for them is free. And there is less chance of them getting a virus than your over-priced, one button poncey Apple fucking Macs.
Macspaz says "My mac doesn't get viruses", "My mac doesn't crash" well guess what cunto? My PC works like a fucking dream with Windoez ExPee as I'm not a complete cretin who can't setup a router firewall or configure Windows and my 3rd party software properly.

NOBODY gives a fuck that you've got a mac, so stop being so fucking smug.
by Raskass November 17, 2006
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