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A person whose game is so on point that he/she has royalty status in the hip hop / pop culture scene.

A Mack that has transcended ordinary Mack status and is one of the few elite Mackโ€™s in existence.

A Mack that has won the Player's Ball at least 3 times.
Jay-Z is definitely that Mackjesty! He's the best rapper of all time, he's the part owner of the Nets, and he's married to Beyonce!

Chris: Mackjesty just killed it last night yo!

Derrick: I know man, he straight demands respect and gets it deservingly so, is the Ultimate Mack-Daddy!

Man, his games so tight it's no wonder he was dubbed a Mackjesty at last yearโ€™s Playas Ball.
by The Mack Architect January 04, 2011
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