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When Apple fanboys get a little too excited about the release of any new Apple product.
When Chris walked into the Apple store and saw the new iPad on display, he was so excited that he had a mac-gasm.
by HereComesTheSun91 June 03, 2010
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The act of an Apple Mac user achieving climax (usually in tandem with other users) over finding another pointless feature of the operating system.
"Hey dude, put down your soya milk latte and check the drop shadows on these icons! God I'm so having a macgasm about being part of Apple's vision."
by Managarm September 25, 2012
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(v) to have an orgasm over new macbooks
(n) the process of having an orgasm in accordance to new macbooks
(v) omg! I just macgasmed over the new macbook air
(n) omg! That macgasm was camping...because camping is in tents!
by Daniel Oh January 16, 2008
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That orgasm you get after you using any type of Apple computer because they are just that awesome.
Guy 1: Dude Apple Computers are AWESOME!

Guy 2: I know! I just had a Macgasm.
by ilovemymac January 16, 2011
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