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A mac ripper is a giant rip of marijuana from a pipe. Depending on the size of the bowel, it could be fully loaded or just half full. The entire bowel is supposed to be cashed in one hit, this can be helped by having a lighter with a big flame or having some biiig fucken lungs. After the hit is taken it should be held in like most hits and is usually followed by coughing and then choking and perhaps even blacking out or loss of eyesight. Mac rippers are usually taken with anger and carelessness of coming events with hope that the mac ripper could solve everything.
I fucken failed my Psychology test... I need a muhh fuggin MAC RIPPER!

Yo, I gotta do all this yard work right now, I need to take a mac ripper.
by Whats a psuedonym October 21, 2009
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