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smug mac owners who think mac is a superior product to everything ever created.
Mac assholes buy furniture at Ikea, wear black turtle necks, drive a Toyota prius and love Starbucks.
Bill: I can't believe I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours on my way to work today and then my computer didn't start.

Mac Asshole: you should have got a mac

Bill: ummm...OK mac asshole...

by presidente1l July 10, 2008
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King of assholes. The guy who is afraid of his feelings for another and therefore, makes macasshole statements to push his love away. In denial of emotional reality!
Guys says, "I am ready to have you for so long that you are ready for me to go, not wishing I would stay." Girl says, " I will always want you to stay, until the day you are actually staying". Guy says, then... you will want me to leave~gotcha!" What a macasshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by iljbwamh09 October 02, 2009
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