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A Zimbabwean surname literally translated as "eats children."

Commonly thought to have ancient cannibalistic origins, this name actually began when an 18th century south African chief named Tapiwa Haruperinhamodzenyika recieved the nickname "eats children" by his European imperialist counterparts after a diplomatic dinner at which he mistakenly asked to be served the tasty "children", rather than the tasty chicken he saw across the table.
Guy sitting in a fancy restaraunt: "I'll have the fillet mignon and a glass of port wine"
Other guy: "yeah I'll have the flaming yon too"
Waiter: "wtf?"
1st Guy: "He'll have what I'm having" (aside to 2nd guy): "way to be a Mabikacheche, douche bag."
by GotchaAgain February 03, 2012
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