Aside from being a great dancer, vocalist, and even rapper, Huening kai has shown his musical excellence ever since he was a child. He has a wide range of musical instruments which he can play, including drums, guitar, piano, and flute. Everyone knows that he has incredibly perfect pitch which makes him a musical progidy.
There's a lot of evidence that Huening Kai is a Musical Prodigy
by slyjjun November 21, 2022
The Musical Prodigy of KPOP is no other that Huening Kai of TOMORROW X TOGETHER. He is the maknae of the said group. He's good at singing, dancing, can rap, perfect pitch, can play a lot of instruments such as piano/ keyboard, guitar, drums, flute etc. He was also credited for playing keyboard on his self produced song "Dear Sputnik".

All of this can be proven in To Do ep. 44, TXT in After School Club 2021, Huening Kai playing All of Me by Jon Schmidt, T:TIME TXT Playing Piano, One Dream TXT ep. 2 etc.
"Amazing! How can Huening Kai play lots of instruments? He's a musical prodigy of kpop, indeed."
by asawa_niShrek June 9, 2022
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