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The most good looking/handsom but also the most confusing person. Doesn't know what that person exactly wants in life. A little bit disloyal to people who tries to be caring towards him/her interms of friendships.He/she is the lord of disappearance. All of a sudden vanishes to the thin air and reapears again out of nowhere. Its so hard to understand whats going through that persons mind. Its almost like that person has a whole new different personality everyday and there for constant arguments take place between munam and people who are really trying to understand munam. Really needs to gain a good knowledge about handdling money and the importance of having savings to be used intime of a emergancy. The plus sections is, the person is cute,hot and have a good ability to attract people towards him/her
lis:hey do you about that munam dude i used to talk to

kerry:yes,what about him? did he disappear again?

lis: sure he did
by ****XxXx**** January 13, 2009
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