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MUN points are accrued by hooking up with other people at an MUN conference. Different point values are earned depending on the committee and the position of the person.

Delegate: 1 point
North America Delegate: 2 points
Any third world country: 4 points
A head delegate: Add 3 points
Chair-person: 7
Secretary-General: 15
Adult Volunteer: 10

Any country that has beaten France in a war: Add 2 points

Canoodling Comrade Bonus: add 3 if the person's country was a part of the Soviet Union at a time
Allies with Benefits: add 2 if your countries are in a trade alliance
Peace through Diplomacy Bonus: add 4 points if your countries have fought

Peacemaking = Lovemaking Bonus: multiply by 2 if you hook up while both your committees are in session
Kim Jong-Undress: square your points if the person represents North Korea

Hotline Bling Abroad: add the leftmost digit of your hotel room number to your points if you arrange a hookup over the hotel phone
MUN Delegate 1: "Hey Saumya, I heard you hooked up with Sheena yesterday!"

MUN Delegate 2: "Of course man, she represents Russia too so I get that Canoodling Comrade Bonus."

MUN Delegate 1: "And you represent the United States so you also get the Peace through Diplomacy Bonus!"

MUN Delegate 2: "Most definitely man. I got 8 MUN points from that hookup."
by TheWanderingJew December 30, 2015
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