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MST Continus tablets are opioid based tablets with main ingredient - morphine. These tablets contain "slow-release morphine" and they are easy to inject intravenously.
They are commonly used to menage chronic pain,but they are lately commonly also used for heroin-addicts on maintenance.

Slow-release morphine is NATURAL derive of opium , which makes him MUCH more LESS toxic than Methadone which is pure lab-work medicine - synthetic opioid drug .
When someone asks for "MST Contin" , they actually asking for STRONG morphine based medicine ,which commonly comes in tablets or capsules.Mostly, "MST" is used in exception of heroin...sometimes ,and by words of others , "MST" is PURE and gives better "rush" than heroin ( street heroin - NOT medical heroin which is actually diacethyl-morphine).
It's commonly used when heroin dealer DON'T WANT or DO NOT HAVE "ANY OF" HEROIN , than it comes to taking "legal drugs" which are actually prescribed for some another person - but somehow it comes to "user" that needs to be "covered" until he(she) get's a hit of heroin.
by Check021 (B.M - Serbia) May 19, 2011
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