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Taking to unsuspecting friends on MSN messenger whilst taking a poo
Due to the wonders of Wireless technology, it is now possible to take a laptop to the toilet whilst having a poo. It is therefore possible to talk you your friends on MSN messenger whilst having a poo, saving valuable time and also getting rid of the annoying 'brb - toilet' (Meaning Be Right Back, Toilet) breaks which seem to occur during most MSN conversations. MSN Poos are common among students and young professionals, and have a tendency to be more common among males than females.
Dann says: "Hey, you know what kind of conversation this is?"
Mark says: "No, what is it?"
Dann says: "Its an MSN Poo!"
Mark says: "Wow, so you're actually on the toilet now?"
Dann says: "Yeah, isn't this great"
by Dann B May 30, 2007
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