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Mount Saint Dominic Academy, contrary to popular belief, is one of the best all girls high schools in New Jersey. Those who do not feel this way are usually those who COULD NOT get in and therefore resort to childish means of retaliation.

The students at Mount Saint Dominic Academy are nothing short of kind, caring, smart, and mature young adults. Regardless of their sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs, political preferences, or anything else of the sort, they can be counted on to lift you up from the side walk when someone pushes you down, even if you may not have shown the same kindness to them. The Mount is a wonderful school and those who are so quick to judge this institution should first look at themselves in the mirror. If you can stand to stare at yourself for ten seconds, only then can you begin to judge others. If you cannot, keep your negative comments to yourself. The world will be happy to have less of them.
MSDA, or Mount Saint Dominic Academy, is an all girls preparatory high school.
by T.S. Evers December 09, 2010
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