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The alias of Poet, Inventor, Author and Activist Justin Thomas La Plante on the Urban Dictionary.

Some of LaPlante's contributions to Urban Dictionary:

Sausage Sisters: When two or more females have sex with the same male.

Palin: A form of Red Neck English.

Spice: A slang term in the Guinean dialect of french meaning a bad person.

Some have used the name MR Snowmanpants to pose as La plante and post other definitions which may be hateful in nature in order to defame La Plante but posts by the real Mr Snowmanpants (AKA Justin La Plante) have the poster's name as 'MR Snowmanpants', not 'MR Snowman Pants' (separated) or 'Mister Snowmanpants' (with 'mister' spelled out). La Plante also posts to Urban Dictionary and his blog under his own actual name.
MR Snowmanpants is an author on urban disctionary. He is Justin Thomas La Plante in real life.
by Mr. SnowmanPants July 02, 2011
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