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A person that changes network marketing companies based on avoiding the mirror or is enticed by a blame your company mentality. This is also defined as a lack of commitment to personal growth, lack of coachability, lack of work ethic, lack of long term vision and/or accepting excuses.
John has been with 4 different companies in 4 years. John blames the companies, his leadership, the comp. plan and has many excuses why this won't work when he didn't work or commit. John really quit because he did not apply himself, did not do the required work and was not coachable. He keeps looking for the next best thing and doesn't put in the time with 1 company.

If he puts in 10 years with 1 company, he has a 95% chance of hitting the top position of any company. By switching companies, he is losing nearly all hopes of success in mlm. MLM prostitute: also known as a Network marketing hooker
by NO Blame, NO Excuses October 09, 2011
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