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a subgenre of Internet memes mostly surrounding FPS games, airhorns, weed, dubstep, Mountain Dew and other old dank memes. An "MLG player" eats Doritos and drinks Mountain Dew while staying up all night listening to dubstep and playing CS:GO, COD and Pokemon.
Did you see that MLG meme by Materialisimo? It was like Airhorn, Airhorn, GET REKT} m9}! Dubstep, Gun shot, Illuminati
by APersonInOZ June 07, 2016
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A subgenre of memes mainly for Call of Duty fans/ X-Bros and dubstep fans that started in late 2014. Since then they have spread memes from awesome people who know logic to people who do gaming daily. These have been hurting Chuck Norris and his pets Doge, Nyan Cat and Grumpy Cat's popularity and CHUCK NORRIS WILL RISE AND DESTROY ACTIVISION (The creator of CoD)
MLG Meme Fan: MLG LOL *Air Horn, Air Horn, Bad Dubstep Music* OMG ILLUMUNATI LOL LOL LOL LOL I TROLLZ
Normal Meme Person: nyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyan
Normal Meme Person 2: U mad bro?
Normal Meme Person 3: One does not simpily walk into mordor, NOT True Chuck Norris can walk into mordor.
Normal Meme Person 4: Wow, so meme, very meme wofe, lol the doge, wow
by Squirrel719 July 02, 2015
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