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A well-known Troll in the IMDB community. On July 22nd, MJsGirl launched a campaign against Clerks II on the IMDB message boards, claiming that Kevin Smith belonged in jail and that Blacks didn't know what was offensive because they're less educated. Despite saying all of this, she constantly reiterated that she is a "liberal progressive" and that everything she says is right. She soon broadened her campaign to include Jim Norton, "Lucky Louie", Opie & Anthony, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone. Shortly after, she began to resort to tactics such as threatening lawsuits and claiming that she had been so troubled by peoples responses to her that she was being forced to see a psychiatrist. This failed to win her support, however, and she remains IMDB's most hated user.
MJsGirl is a fuckin' troll.
by Collin Jones July 24, 2006
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