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Money Drugs Violence
Not by any means close to the likes of Lorne Park, but definitely nothing close to Cooksville or Clarkson. Most famed for Meadowvale High School aka Ghettojail High School, and Our Lady of Mount Carmel High school. To a lesser extent, West Credit aka Whats-a-Credit. Recently Meadowvale can be more less split into Old Meadowvale (old, ugly) and New Meadowvale (new, nice). Upon entering Meadowvale, you'll notice a nice mixup of jocks, bros, gangsters, brown gangsters, nerds, and other great stereotypical groupings. Aside from the 10% of assholes that live there, its a pretty nice place to be.
MDV is tha place to be son, its Money Drugs and Violence all day eeervry day son.
by MDV4Lyfe April 09, 2007
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