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A fictional (yet very apparent) disease, contracted when one is perceived to have worked at the MDEC for an abnormal period of time.

Symptoms include: random hand gestures, Dick and Dom quotes, Napoleon Dynamite quotes, outlandish nicknames assigned to virtually everyone in the workplace, and completely bizarre "games" played at the MDEC during quiet periods (most of the time), with utterly irrelevant rules.
"That guy pretending his arm is a periscope and lobbing imaginary grenades clearly has MDEC Dementia."
"Ooo, eee, ahh, Beefy's gone potty!"
"I'm not stopping! I'm not stopping!"
"Red for ratty, green for fester. You go first."
"Let's drop a coin on the floor and see if she picks it up..."
"Can't find me cheque book..."
"No, no, no Mr. Schneider; that's COMPLETELY out of hand!"
"Here we are in the industrial zone, so-called because of CORRUGATED CARDBOARD and some PIPING!"
"Let's reveal the BUZZWIRE!"
"This is the future: SKITTLES and REMOTE CONTROLLED CARS!"
"Naebody Move! Whoop whoop!"
by DC Harry Batt September 15, 2008
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