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A rising rap star from Compton, LA who has been signed under indie label Ming Ming La Records since 2005. Within this time, he has already released 3 mixtapes and received late-night radio airtime for his 2007 singles "Genuine Rabbi, Where you at" and "Keep Up, Motherfucker". It has received average reviews by critics. He plans on dropping his latest album "Drop that Weed, Smoke that Neem" by Fall 2010.

He is looking to start his own label under Ming Ming La Records known as Genuine Rabbi Entertainment where he has already signed unknown artists Timmy Nigger, MC Huk Gwai and Ed Boy with verbal commitments from Tek's Tek, Lahti-Sommerfeld and NoMas Tomas.

His musical influences include Rick Astley, John Cena, John C. Gay, The Rock, MC Hammer, Fort Minor, Clive, Bumpy Johnson, Neem Tree, Munhong among many more artists.
MC Du Ma Mai is one of the hottest new rappers straight outta Compton. This nigga's new single featuring MC Huk Gwai and Timmy Nigger called "Bumpy Johnson ain't dead" is breaking ground worldwide everywhere Sea Buckthorn is grown!! YYAAWWEEEEEE POR FAVOR!!
by Bazza Kay June 24, 2010
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