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Hardcore, balls out, pissing your pants Billy Madison style partying.

A state of mind that occurs after a night of binge drinking, coke usage, acid tripping, etc.

Usually, a session of pre-pregaming mixed with idiotic advice from friends, and a couple of unwanted pregnancies stem from a night of being MAXED.....THE FUCK OUT.
AJ: Dude, its totally alright to come inside of her, just as long as you pull out immediately after you bust.

Alex: (After doing 6 keg stands back to back, while snorting an ounce of molly and battery acid) Yeah....? Uh....yeah, fuck yeah.....yeah!!

Six months later Alex discovered that he was the father of 5 kids to an Ethopian tramp that searched random college parties, so that she could have sex and possibly gain citizenship through her unwilling victim. What a fucking slore.

Warning: MAXED THE FUCK OUT is a product that should be used sparingly and rarely. Also MAXED THE FUCK OUT is not meant for everyone. Please seek medical attention if: your bladder, splein, intestinal tract or kidneys begin to hurt. Terminal cancer, as well as, depression, suicide, and unwanted pregnancies by random Ethiopian herpes infested sluts may also occur. If you ever experience the need to run down the street, eating a bucket of fried chicken and covering yourself in green jello, then you've probably watched "Demolition Man" too many times.
by I Just Don't Give a Fuck October 09, 2011
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