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Definition 1 - “March to Vegas”: The humanistic advance, trek, migration or march towards Las Vegas. The annual, semi-annual or multi-annual migrational path back to Las Vegas for sustenance.

Definition 2 - “Hoops/Basketball”: The marriage of March Madness and Las Vegas; heaven for hoop fans.

Definition 3 “Holiday”: The 4-day holiday commencing the first Thursday of the March Madness tournament and ending on Sunday. You "could" ask for these days off, but you’re taking these days off regardless. Maybe you go to Vegas with your bracket, maybe you don’t. Maybe you skip work with the girls and drink, maybe you don’t. However, you’re still not reporting to school or work for 4 days.
Example 1:
Hey, I just found this receipt for MARCHVEGAS in November. I thought you said you were at a conference in November? (Author: Don’t look at me).

Example 2:
Yo Javier, we bouncing out to MARCHVEGAS with the homies for the tourney, you wanna roll? Yes ese.

Example 3:
Yes, I’ll have a dry martini with two olives madaam and my comrad here shall try your best scotch, straight please. So Mortimer, to the contrary my dear friend, according to my calculations heading to MARCHVEGAS for the NCAA tournament should be a splendid ideal indeed. The only real question, is shall we bring our wives as well? Now, now Livingston, we don’t want to bring “sand to the beach” now do we? Exactly my dear friend, exactly.

Example 4:
I’m sorry Martha, unless you can find someone to switch with you on the schedule, I’m gonna need you to work all through MARCHVEGAS. Martha, “But this is for a family outing”. I’m sorry.

Three Weeks Later: Martha “Cough, cough tell the boss I can’t come in, my throat is sore and I have a fever. Also, I’m calling in sick for tomorrow too, this cold feels like, “that’s double dribble”, I mean “double trouble”. See you guys on Monday “click”.
by Royal George August 16, 2012
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