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Will chop your cars muffler off in the aid of pure horsepower.

Mild steel and bird poo mig welds are a specialty.

Will remove a $1000 stainless steel muffler in place of $10 mild steel for da pops and cracks.
Went to Mag and Turbo New Lynn for some exhaust work, yeah they cut the mufflers off and now it pops, crackles and howls ..... sounds like it made heaps of power too so I'd say my 2.0 now makes about 5 hunnits to the wheels easy.

Bro what did you do to your car?

I went to Mag and Turbo and they cut the muffler off

Bro they chopped the muffler off?......But you drive a Euro? Have some self respect...
by PitStopAndTurbo July 19, 2018
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