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The M2 Flamethrower was used by American troops back in WWII. It is also the greatest piece of hack ever made in to Call of Duty:World at War when it comes to campaign and multiplayer. And do not get me started when someone gets it in Nazi Zombies.
(In Multiplayer)
"M2 Flamethrower user": LOL I spy people trying to capture our flag! -throws a smoke grenade and drops down to burn the hell out of everyone-

People who were trying to capture the flag: Dude, hax.

(In Nazi Zombies)
Person with Flamethrower: -randomly sparying fire causing sight problems to other players)

Other player: DUDE STOP USING THE F***ING FLAMETHROWER, I CANT SEE SH-...(the player has died after being swarmed by zombies).
by PTRS Noob November 20, 2009
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