The M14 Rifle is a gun that you can find in zombie-survival game, Project Zomboid. (OK, here comes one of the best guns in the game.) The M14 is a great rifle, 20 round mags, semi-auto, great range, and hell does this gun pack a punch. It's more of a pseudo-sniper and fast firing rifle. By the way it uses .308 ammo. This gun is quite rare, good luck getting it, and the mags. But if you do, you'll be treated with the ability to add EVERY attachment in the game onto this thing. I kid you not, every attachment. The Red dot sight, iron sights, underbarrel laser, 2x Scope, 4x Scope, 8x Scope and recoil pad. Not only that, but it's detection radius is fairly low (For a rifle.) being 70 tiles! Now the downsides are pretty much just that its rare, heavy, and can jam. So you've got yourself a great rifle.
Timmy: "Holy shit! I found an M14 Rifle!"

Jimmy: "Lucky bastard."
by Just a casual Plague Doctor September 26, 2023
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