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When one player in a two (or more) person storytelling bonanza rapidly brings the story to a hault with an unexpected, yet, perfectly flawless twist or sequence of events that tie up all the loose ends; leaving the other person in a state of shock and awe.
"Little did they know that the small, yet thrifty scotsman had REALLY ingested a pseudo *amulet* as a means to cover-up his real death by erotic asphyxiation and had actually sold the true diamond gem to Gerald the meerkat after his lucrative return from space, which he then used to buy his family's freedom back in Cairo where they were being held hostage by the confused Walrus's parents who sought the diamond *amulet* for it's mystical 'hat - to - rabbit' magical properties in the hopes of presenting it to their son (whose only dream it was to some day own a rabbit), as a means to make amends for the years of land-dwelling socialization they had forced upon him in the desert."

", you totally just M-Night-Shayamalan'ed me"
by drbambam January 10, 2013
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